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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A tribute to my SUPERWOMAN... (*.*)

Although i write this post quiet late..but heah..its never too late too wish a good thing to your beloved one right??
Hu3 no just a damn excuses from me..
I just forgot to wish a very happy mother's day to my beloved mama..ON MY BLOG he3 ...thats all..
i did wish to her lah..

Sulazli Bt Othman..a superwoman who can well-handle her very naughty sons and daughter..he3 (im so naughty dont you know about it?? :P)..She can handle everything...i mean it..she alwayz fix all the chaos and mess that i make...hu3 thats why i call her superwomen...

She know what i feel, what i hide and what i want...She know everything about me!! Too many sacrifices she did to my adik-adik and me... No one can compete her utmost love and care on us..I cant imagine how my life going to be without her..(Hey..why my tears started to drop??..sob3)..

Dont know why..if i talk about my parents..and thinking back all their hardship and sacrifices that they had to face...just to make me a better-living-human..make my heart so touchable.. :(

Mak comel anak mestilah cute!! wakaka

Mama..Thanx for being the greatest mother for angah,afiq and me!!..Thanx for your delicious dishes you make..our needs that always being your ultimate priority...Only god know how much i owe to you!!
im very appreciate and grateful get to know you in my life..

Im sorry for being stubborn...alwayz wake up late...and make you having headaches always feel that im burden you every minute...

Not forgetting..thanx for your endless doa for me..i know..i still can be shazwan as i am right now and all because your doa,barakah and your bless..

Mama..there is nothing in the world that i can buy to pay back all your deeds on me..all i can do is to be a better man every single promise to study harder and make you proud!! May god bless you...


luv u alwayz...
Superwoman with wonderboy :p

Lastly..when im hearing the song sing by aisyah..syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu..
Automatically i will remind of my mom...
Tribute to my mama..

"Duhai apakah gerangan budi balasan
Bagi insan melahirkan, membesarkan
Bercucuran airmata bila mengenangkan
Betapakah besar budi ibunda berikan
Siang malam menderita
Hingga entah bila
Sungguh besar pengorbanan
Ibunda berikan

Tiada bahagia jika tiada
Doa puja restu
Syurga itu telapak kaki ibu"

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ratu syahadah said...

macam kenal je superwomen tu

Kotak Hati said...

he3...mestilah..popular tu he3