Mereka sangat cool!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

im no longer a 1st year student!!!

i still remember the first day of my second semester. I went back earlier!! he3... Well i came earlier on purpose. Its actually easy for me to move back all my heavy-loaded stuffs from the store to my room. it was so tiring for me!!!.. ish3

But dont know why...langit mendung yang disangka hujan tetapi panas mentari yang tak terjangka kehadirannya menyinari hariku ....

Hard to believe...this semester was quiet challenging for me. Until at one point i felt that my world had turned upside down!! too much bad,unhappy, tense things happened within this period which usually affected the way im thinking and my mood!! :(

1) After we stayed at asrama Maidam for one semester, all of us had been told to move to kusza which definitely the worst news that i ever heard for this semester. The university want to renovate our Maidam to provide hostel for medical students. After one semester lived in Maidam...i felt sad leaving Maidam....

my last day at Maidam :(

Either we want it or not, we do not have any choices to choose. We have to move out from Maidam. After we move in Kusza my sad story started to begin...
As a result of this matter, we have to wake up earlier everyday to catch the bus or else we will be left behind and definitely will miss our class!! ( it so unfair!! before this at Maidam if i go out at 7.50 a.m i still can reach to the class early). This situation still i can accept and tolerate with it.
But the worst is yet to come. The most annoyed and irritating thing was when we have to wait for the bus to take us back to Kusza. Usually...i REPEAT....Usually they always late from the schedule that already being arranged.

There was a day i had to wait for almost 2 hours under the sunlight just to wait the bus to fetch us!! From that situation, i decided just to wait at our campus until evening... everyday...Just imagine how much time i wasted already?? And i also has to mention how tired i am waiting and being in the bus for more than half and hours to be back to Kusza!! Its true...lot of our time being wasted here. Huh!! not forgetting if it was a peak hours...many of us had to stand as there are no sits available.

Writing and thinking this thing back make me so angry.. aghhh!!
when im back to kusza its already late evening...tired....make me so sleepy and felt undesirable to study.. Hurm..i dont know either i can hold this thing anymore.. if this situation continue to happen for the next semester...i only can pray so that our bus system will be improved and we will not be burden with this problem anymore...

Just imagine we wait for those silly buses to come..such a waste of time!!!

2) As i thought that the bad things will end, suddenly another tragic situation which i hate had happened... I had fight with my friend. I cant describe in more details. Let it be between me and my friend. i am so effected by this problem. Adding unnecessary pressure on me!

3) I didn't well in my so important for me as it is my carry marks for my final examination.. I unexpectedly got fever on the day of my examination...i cant think what im answered at exam hall..At that time i just want to go out and get out ASAP.. Im keeping sneezing badly in the examination uncomfortable and humiliated.

4) This semester provide no free time for me!!! everyday i have to go to campus and everyday i got at least one class. The worst is when i have 5 hours non stop lecture in one day!! hu3 hard to believe..

5) This semester also involved me with two lab practical which i found that it was too hard for me to handle it..especially with microbiology..we will have observation for the next day of our practical.. With two lab report has to be sent in a week for 5 months!!...hu3 juz imagine how painful it is..hwa3

some of my samples that being observed in microbiology laboratory.

6) For me this semester was too packed with too many things to do. Our semester break was too short. Even in my holiday i still have to do our pile of assignments..

hurm so far..these 6 situations showed how unhappy i am...but there were also so many sweetest thing happen in this semester...ho3 :p

1) i got to learn Kusza more closer

2) Got to know each other better especially my members of our faculty...

3) Have the chance to go to pasar malam twice a week!!! he3

4) If i felt moody..there are beautiful beaches available and waiting for my presents to redeem myself...

Terengganu is one of state that have such a beautiful beaches....

5) If i'm hungry....udang and sotong celup tepung are alwayz my favourite...very fresh...he3

sotong celup tepung...hahaha yummy!!!

In conclusion this semester gave so many colours in my not mean bad thing that occurred in our life was a negative thing only..
Try to look at another prospective, we will find the good thing...
Just bare in our mind..everything that occurs alwayz have HIKMAH behind its occurrence and alwayz have it...

Be positive!!! ;)